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The kaftan has made a dramatic comeback over the last few years and it has talen its' place in the re-emergence of 80s fashion. The popularity of the items has meant that designers have started to produce more stylish kaftans in order to fit in with more modern fashion trends.

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Kaftan dresses and tops have really come into fashion this year and all of the major high street and online retailers are beginning to stock these modern versions of a very traditional garment. The modern kaftans are absolutely perfect for wearing as a beach cover up because, being manufactured mostly from either cotton or silk they are lightweight while offering protection, in fact the kaftan would most likely fit into a category with the sarong and the lightweight tunic.

As more ladies seem to be embracing the more modern kaftans some of the top designers and brands have realised that this is a new market the they must quickly be a part of, which is excellent news for the customer because this will mean there will be a lot more choice and also that the price of these garments have become more competitive and ultimately lower.

Whether you are going on holiday or not the kaftan is a must have item to be worn on its own or as part of a lovely outfit.

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Kaftans are available in a number of differbet styles.

Kaftan Dresses - Kaftans were originally full length dresses and they are still available in this style today. Although the original style has lasted, the more contemporary dresses are designed with Western fashion in mind. These dresses are very versatile with the look of an elegant evening dress combined with the feel of more comfortable casual wear, which makes them ideal for warmer climates. As fashion has moved on these kaftans are available in a variety of lengths, patterns, colours and cuts in order to supply the varied demand for them.

Kaftan Tops - Full length dresses have evolved into tops in order to make kaftans more appealing to the Western market and in particular the younger generation. With this evolution comes a greater chance for creativity for designers and consumers alike with the ability to pair a top with jeans or other garments that are already popular today, this change also gives you more opportunity to wear the kaftan because there is less need for a warmer climate when wearing the tops as part of an overall look.

Beach Kaftans - Kaftans have started being designed and promoted as beach wear as a beach cover up, much like the sarong, and this is where we can see the most fashionable and contemporary designs coming to the forefront, together with a greater emphasis on the price in order to fit into the beach cover up marketplace. More and more beach cover ups are being designed and manufactured with younger people in mind and this is certainly an item of clothing that is successful in crossing the tastes of generations, which is leading to some very prestigious designers capitalising on the trend.

White Kaftans - Traditionally the kaftan is an item of clothing that, regardless of the culture in which it figured, was synominus with a bold use of both colour and pattern. This trend has continued to a certain extent, and is more apparent in the designs of the kaftan dress, which are still quite striking and lavish; however, because of our thirst for more modern designs from the kaftan tops and beachwear, the white kaftan has really grown in popularity.

One of the main reasons for this trend is that although the dresses are worn on their own, in the most part there is a need for some colour and pattern but the tops and beach kaftans are usually worn as part of an ensemble, whether it be with a swimsuit or a pair of shorts or trousers, which gives the individual the chance to add more vibrancy in other areas of the outfit.

The climate in which modern kaftans tend to be worn is also a factor when selecting a colour, and with it usually being a warmer climate, the obvious choice for many is a white kaftan.